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Italian Bakery

Italian Bakery

Online Grocery Ordering

Case Details

Italian Bakery Supermarket is an e-commerce startup. Their application allows people to order their groceries through the app and not waste their time going to the store.

The client didn’t have an application yet, and they needed one developed from scratch. Their startup offered many different products for clients to choose from, so the interface and overall user experience of the app had to be on point to establish a strong user base.

Client: Italian Bakery
Location: Palestine
Segment: Retail Shop

Our Solutions

After studying the data the client had about the potential users, we designed and developed the app to provide them with the best experience. Users can browse the shop’s products with clear categories that are easy to navigate through. They can also add products to their wishlist and get a detailed invoice before confirming their order.

To help the client better monitor the app, we developed an admin panel that allows them to:

Performance Metrics

Overview different performance metrics and track daily weekly and monthly orders and display data in easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

Orders Tracking

Review current and past order details with clients information attached to these orders.

Real Time Actions

Customize different outgoing notifications that the clients receive.

Check and reply to any customer inquiries sent through the app.




As users really liked the app, many became loyal customers and didn’t switch to similar services.


The startup achieved growth rates that exceeded that of any traditional store.


The client can constantly improve their business model using the collected data.


Customer satisfaction increased.

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