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BICA Leasing

BICA Leasing

Car Leasing Website

Case Details

BICA Leasing is a Danish financial leasing company. They already had a basic WordPress website with an unmodified, poor template and outdated plugins.

The website was hard to use and loads very slowly. This resulted in a poor user experience and damaged the company’s brand image as anyone who visited the website got a poor impression about them. In addition to that, the security level of the website was so poor it was prone to all kinds of spam scripts and bots.

Client: BICA Leasing Danmark A/S
Location: Denmark
Segment: Car Leasing

Our Solutions

We redesigned the existing website and gave it new features that help it perform better and give its visitors the results they’re after.

Real-Time Chatting

This service was added to answer customers’ inquiries instantly. We added this solution to be fully integrated with Facebook Messenger. Whenever a conversation is started on the website, the message is transferred to Facebook Messenger’s inbox.

Security and Performance

To provide the new website with better security, we moved their website hosting to a could-based VPS instead of a WP managed service.

As for the performance, the site’s load time was decreased from 5 seconds to 1.2 seconds, which raised the website’s PageSpeed grade from the mid-50s to the mid-90s. In addition to providing a better user experience, this helped the website rank higher in search engine results.

CTA Positioning

We added a CTA that allows customers to get offers from the company based on their specific requirements and preferences.

SEO Best Practices

By following both on-page and off-page SEO best practices, the website ranked higher on search engine results, bringing in high-quality organic traffic.

Constant Analysis

We installed Google Analytics on the website to get data that helps in improving the website based on facts, not assumptions. This data also helped the digital marketing efforts.

Bica Leasing A/S Website



The website’s data became completely secured, so the owners didn’t have to worry about breaches.


The website can be constantly improved thanks to the data being pulled from Google Analytics.


Real-time chat integration helped customize the user experience and improved user engagement.


Web notifications helped create more website visits and leads.


The website ranked higher in search engine results.

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