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Three Arches 2

Three Arches 2

Online Handicrafts Shopping

Case Details

Three Arches 2 is a Palestinian souvenir shop that sells authentic souvenirs crafter by a staff of over 300 workers.

The shop had a basic website that was slow, unorganized and wasn’t search engine optimized. The website also had very limited e-commerce functionality, which affected the shop’s sales.

Client: Three Arches 2
Location: Palestine
Segment: Retail Shop

Our Solutions

We wanted to build a website that combines the artistic side of the shop with modern e-commerce functionalities.

SEO Best Practices

Our team developed a fast, search engine optimized platform that had all the needed features for a great user experience. The new features included an order tracking system and a user-friendly data structure.

360 Panoramic Store

To make the most out of the beautiful merchandise of the shop, we created a virtual tour that the website visitors can take through the store. This was done by a 360 panoramic shoot that shows every centimeter of the huge store.

Mobile App

In order to give the customers an even better shopping experience, we developed an application that supports almost all of the website’s functions. Using this app, customers can access the shop’s merchandise from their phones.

Three Arches 2 Website



An e-commerce website with an excellent user experience that supports 5 languages to suit different markets.


Better ranking in search engines thanks to a strong on-page and off-page SEO.


A mobile app that boosted sales by allowing people to shop on the go.


An elegant UI that showcases the shop’s art pieces in a modern way.


Advanced filtration and e-commerce features.

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