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Where To Get A Dedicated Development Team – Denmark

Where To Get A Dedicated Development Team – Denmark
October 19, 2019 William Rizqallah
Development Team In Denmark

Are you fazed with the herculean task of getting that highly demanding project executed in no time? Or are you tired of those fickle developers that keep setting your IT company back?  Stop giving mediocrity chances. It is time to embark on a serious journey to Denmark to get good, efficient, effective and dedicated development team that will help transform your tech company for the better.

Denmark is arguably one of the most developed countries in Scandinavia and ranks very highly in Europe. Its technological infrastructure and IT solutions are unmatchable, and it does not seem like the country will relinquish this reputation any time soon. As a result, a lot of tech enterprises prefer to site their company in Denmark owing to the availability of dedicated development teams and a fascinating tech environment that can help promote efficient service.

In this article, we will highlight some convincing reasons why Denmark is a suitable region in Europe to get a dedicated development team. 

Sound IT Professional 

Denmark is one of the least populated countries in Europe with a population of about 5.7 million. The Denmark IT market and its professionals are growing every now and then. It has been established that Denmark houses about eight categories of tech companies and is one of the countries with the highest number of tech companies in Europe. 

Important cities such as Copenhagen, Esbjerg, Odense, and Aarhus are known to host the majority of the dedicated development teams. In fact, most of the IT companies in Denmark are located in these cities.

Additionally, most Danes are well-grounded in one programming language or the other. Most Danes have a good command of JavaScript, PHP, .Net and so on. Going down the history Lane, C# was developed by Anders Hejlsberg while C++ was written by Bjarne Stroustrup. Both are from Denmark.

So, if you are looking to get a dedicated development team with a sound IT knowledge coupled with a good code command, Denmark is just the suitable place to consider.

Averagely Expensive

Securing the services of a Danish development team is relatively expensive compared to other countries in Central Europe. The cost of hiring developers in Denmark is however fair when the quality of their services is considered. The cost varies from city to city, depending on the type of service they offer.

For instance, according to Glassdoor.com a software developer residing in Copenhagen earns around $6,155 on average every month while a programmer who lives in Aarhus makes an average of about $5,530 on a monthly basis.

Although getting a dedicated development team from this part of the world may seem a little bit expensive, if you consider the quality of developers that are available, you will discover that it is worth it.

Quality Education

Denmark is not excluded when we talk about quality tech education. The government is making sure that no stone is left unturned in order to increase the value of its citizens. In this regard, the government has developed a high-quality education system that places a high emphasis on tech.

There is an active and functional IT-oriented University in Copenhagen. This University offers diverse IT courses such as Programming, Computer game studies, Software Engineering and so on. These courses have helped shape Denmark’s economy and also contributed immensely to the development of a dedicated development team in the country. 

Good Communication Skills

It goes without saying that English is the most widely spoken language in the world. In fact, it is often regarded as the generally accepted language for any kind of formal business.

Therefore, it should not come as a surprise to know that English is widely spoken in Denmark. As a matter of fact, about 86% of the Danish population has a good command of the English language. More so, the government of Denmark has ensured that students, most especially tech students, are taught in English.

This has contributed to the development of efficient communication skills by the citizens. Therefore, if you get your development team from Denmark, communication will never be a barrier. 


Historically, Scandinavians are known for their remarkable culture. Most Scandinavians are agile and very hardworking. They are known for their Viking spirit – the spirit of never say die. The Scandinavians are naturally endowed with a lot of intellectuals. They are very good under pressure and can perform complex tasks without any hassle. 

Denmark also shares this trait. The Danes are very strong, intelligent and hardworking. This has really helped their developers to be more effective and efficient than their counterparts in the rest of Europe. 

Final Thought  

It is better to break the bank for a dedicated development team with a high level of experience and expertise than to keep wallowing in the pain of inept developers. A Danish development team is capable of a quick turnaround in any area where your business is moribund, deficient or ineffective. In this regard, Crown Tech is well placed to adequately provide digital solutions for your business at rates cheaper than Denmark’s average.