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6 Business Processes that are Better with AI Voice Automation

6 Business Processes that are Better with AI Voice Automation
April 12, 2019 William Rizqallah
6 Business Processes that are Better with AI Voice Automation

6 Business Processes that are Better with AI Voice Automation

Voice automation is a great technology that keeps getting better. In the past few years, people started to use voice commands for pretty much everything. From searching the internet to controlling different home appliances, voice controls are all over. And for good reasons.

Nobody wants to type when they can just talk. It’s easier, faster, and more convenient. With AI becoming more mainstream, voice assistants are smarter than ever and better at understanding people’s intent. This is a technology that’s here to stay.

In addition to making people’s everyday lives better, voice technologies have lots of applications in business process automation. When voice technologies and AI are used together, automated customer experiences that were once exclusive to science fiction movies become a reality.

There are plenty of cases in which using these technologies has resulted in fantastic customer experience. The following are some of the application in which AI voice automation can be utilized to create more efficient businesses with happier clients.

1. Accounts & Memberships Creation

Creating accounts and client memberships can be time-consuming. Whether it’s updating an address, creating a new account or making any other account-related inquiry, this is something that can quickly get out of hand. You will need lots of customer service staff to keep up with your clients’, and that’s where AI voice automation can help.

Instead of having human customer service staff handling these issues -and costing you valuable man hours, you can automate all of these tasks. Click To Tweet A single automation system with the right AI capabilities can help your business scale at much lower costs. It can reply to your clients’ inquiries, and handle pretty much all the account-related tasks.

2. Order Management

Managing orders is a big deal for most businesses these days. This is particularly true for e-commerce companies. When people order merchandise online, they want to stay updated about their order status.

This includes where it is in the shipping process, delivery reminders, and returns, to name a few. As a result, businesses that want to provide a great client experience must have an excellent order management system. Doing this the traditional way requires lots of trained staff members to answer any questions your clients might have.

When you’re using AI voice automation, you make this process better for you, and for your clients. Before AI became as good as it is now, automating client-facing tasks usually resulted in poor customer experience. However, this is no longer the case.

Virtual agents can now provide an excellent service to massive numbers of clients, at a fraction of the cost. Click To Tweet Companies that can benefit from this service include online retailers and any other business that ships products to clients. Instead of tracking their orders via an app, customers can talk to a virtual agent that’s powered with AI voice technologies.

3. Booking and Reservations

This is probably one of the most redundant tasks in the entire hospitality industry. Whether it’s booking a room or recommending specific tours for certain guests, the booking and reservation process is a great example of tasks that should be automated.

In fact, this is something that has been automated for a long time now. However, the AI voice automation technologies have made it better. Instead of being 100% text-based, businesses can now automate voice booking and reservations as well. The AI agent can make the reservations, call the clients to confirm, and even make all kinds of recommendations based on their preferences. All of this is done for much cheaper than hiring human agents.

4. Collecting and Entering Data

Calling clients to collect and enter data is probably one of the most boring tasks ever. Not only is this a repetitive task that’s a waste of human talent, but it’s also a waste of your employees’ time. Instead, you can automate the entire process with virtual agents.

Not only can the virtual agents get the information you need from your clients, but they can also authenticate this information. So, you can rely on digital automation to take care of the entire process, not just the data entry step. While the quality is on par with that of real agents, the cost isn’t.

5. Billing Client

The billing process is one of the easiest business processes to automate, as they follow pre-set rules. Even the more complex billing plans are relatively easy to automate. In fact, billing clients work better when it’s automated.  

Unlike humans, AI systems don’t make mistakes. While the downside of using these systems was losing the human touch, this is no longer the case. Click To Tweet Since AI voice automation technologies became available, businesses can automate this process while providing their customers with the same excellent level of service. If you’re still using a manual billing process, automating it should be a top priority for you.

6. Customer Surveys

There are two types of customer surveys. The first type involves a form and the second type requires calling the customers and asking them what they really think. If you’re a business owner who wants their business to thrive, you probably know how important customer satisfaction is.

Doing a call-based survey requires hundreds of hours making calls. In order to get a meaningful opinions sample, you need to interview lots of clients. With voice automation technologies, you can use a virtual agent for this task. By doing so, you’ll be able to better understand your clients without wasting hundreds of hours on surveys.  


Business process automation helps businesses work better, and become more efficient. AI voice technologies are giving automated processes the human touch they need to deliver excellent customer experience. No matter what industry you’re in, you should consider utilizing these technologies into your workflow.