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Tsaheelcom Hotels

Tsaheelcom Hotels

Hotel Management Software

Case Details

Inner hotel management software that’s used by different hotels in the MENA region. Everything from room reservations to accounting and other services is managed through this system.

The old offline solution that was used by most hotels was slow, inefficient, hard to manage and can’t be accessed remotely. A new powerful system was needed to make managing the hotels easier.

Client: Tsaheelcom LTD
Location: MENA Region
Segment: Travel & Tourism

Our Solutions

We provide a complete service that included setting a strategy for this new SaaS product, selecting the appropriate technology stack, studying other hotel systems, working with industry experts and developing the product.

Multiple Hotels

One of the features that make this software unique is the ability to manage multiple hotels from the same dashboard, which is accessible from the web platform or the mobile app. In addition to the numerous features of the platform’s web version, we’ve developed an app that allows both the hotels’ staff and their clients to use the system on the go.

Flexible & Accessible

Customers can use the app to do things like requesting different services or making contact the hotel’s reception to inquire about anything.

The hotel’s staff can also use the app to check different tasks that are assigned to them, like rooms that need to be cleaned. They can also update the status of these rooms after they’ve cleaned them.

Agents Booking Engine

An easy comprehensive tool for travel agents to access your hotel(s) offers and manage their clients’ reservations and payments.

Tsaheelcom Hotels System



Running the hotel with this system is easier and less time consuming for the staff.


Staff have more time to focus on other things that boost customer satisfaction.


Customers find it easier to communicate this way and find out different details about their reservation.


Owners with multiple hotels can have a clear overview of their business using this system.


The intuitive UI of the system made staff training more time efficient.

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